It doesn’t make any difference if you are a T-Ball player, or a college player…To get better you have to do the drills that will improve your swing. There are plenty of drills that can make you a better ball player, no matter your age. For instance, did you know that hitting a ball off most batting tees, is putting the ball in the wrong contact zone.

That’s right, unless you understand the purpose of making contact with the ball in the correct position; you are learning the wrong thing. When you use the Multi-Tee, it puts the ball in the correct location for hitting pitches down the middle, on the inside and outside part of the plate. No moving the batting tee around, or moving your feet to make the correct swing at the ball, in fact, for the best result when using the batting tee you should batting by usa bat and fortunately there are many usa baseball bats reviews for 2019 on the web and blog then you can easily select a good one.

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One Handed Hitting Drills

Did you know, that doing one hand batting and hitting drills will go a long way in helping develop a proper baseball or softball swing? If done correctly, these top and bottom handed hitting drills will help the batter get their hands to the ball in the quickest and shortest way possible. Watch the videos below to see how one handed swinging drills are done and then start doing these one-hand drills on a regular basis.

Primary Hitting Drills

In order to maximize your batting potential it is vital that you understand how to hit every pitch that can be thrown; including a right handed inside pitch, a right handed outside pitch, a left handed inside pitch, left handed outside pitch and a right or left handed middle pitch.

Understanding the throw and where it will land in accordance to your left or right handed swing will help you plan your hit before the ball comes to you. Watch these drills, remember these valuable tips and your performance will improve greatly.

Specialty Hitting Drills

Whether you are a t ball kid at the age of 5, or you are a youth hitter at the age of 17, whether you use usssa bats or usa baseball bats, the hitting drills that you can do with the Multi-Tee will help you become a better batter. Did you know that you are supposed to hit the middle pitch just in front of the plate, the inside pitch about 13-15 inches in front and for the outside pitch you need to wait and let the ball get deep. You almost need to hit the outside pitch just before it gets to the catcher’s mitt. Not many players and many coaches don’t know this fact, so check out what I am talking about with this batting tee animation:

Batting Tee Animation on where to make proper contact with the ball on middle, inside and outside pitches

Does your player pop up a lot, then the “High Tee Drill” will help solve this problem, or does he/she pull their front shoulder out, then check out the “Hands Through the Ball” drill that can only be done using the Multi-Tee.

The Multi-Tee is the only batting tee on the market that carries a lifetime guarantee (yes a LIFETIME guarantee) on the tee tops. Using the baseball and softball hitting drills that can be done with this batting tee will go a long way in developing the proper swing needed to hit a baseball or softball.

Not only does it have the lifetime guarantee on the tee tops, you have free access to my hitting website “Virtual Hitting”. Check it out to see the sample videos you get that shows you the proper way to use the Multi-Tee and the benefits that come with it.

Doing baseball and softball hitting drills everyday will help your game and while using this innovative batting tee, you should see improvement. Remember: “You only get out of it, what you put in to it”.